Tonon USA is FAA approved for the commercial acquisition of aerial data by UASs (Unmanned Aerial Systems, also called “drones”).

One distinctive feature of our UASs is that we can accurately (1/2 in absolute accuracy) georeference pictures directly from the air, without having to place control points on the ground or structure. This is extremely valuable when it is difficult/dangerous/expensive to access the ground/structure to be modelled, including unstable slopes, large areas, high rock walls, hydraulic structures such as spillways, earthquake stricken areas and structures.


We own and operate:

  • One octo-copter, which is ideal for vertical structures and/or where the take-off and landing area is restricted, and
  • One fixed wing, which is ideal to cover large areas (e.g., 250 ha in one 35 min flight with 1 in resolution).


We acquire aerial data for the following services:




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